GROUPS of 12 and more

Salad of mixed greens with parmesan shavings
mustard and balsamic vinaigrette
Endive and watercress salad, walnut vinaigrette
Bleu Benedictin cheese and semi-dried raisins
Warm goat cheese on a thin flaky crust, basil emulsion
and olive tapenade
Fried calamari with a parmesan and panko breading
marinara sauce, lime and cilantro mayonnaise
Salmon tartare with yogurt and Mujjol caviar   14.00
Cream of asparagus with crab and ham garnish   11.50
Main courses    
Grilled salmon filet, lemon beurre blanc, potato puree   24.00
Mussels in a marinière broth, house fries   19.25
Pappardelle with mushrooms, pine nuts and pancetta   20.50
Grilled veal flank steak, marsala sauce, house fries   24.25
Classic beef tartare, house fries   25.25
Grilled hanger steak with shallots, house fries   25.25
Grilled vegetable couscous, tomato and anise broth   17.50
Profiteroles   10.50
Warm pineapple turnover with English cream and maple syrup   9.75
Chocolate crémeux, coffee ice cream, cocoa and coffee sauce   10.25
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