GROUP of 20 and more

OPTION 1    
Eggs benedict served on english muffin, with ham or gravlax
roasted new potatoes with garlic & herbs
Two crepes, served with chocolate sauce or maple syrop and berries   11.50
Ham, spinach, leek and gruyere quiche,
arugula and tomatoes salad
Today’s Special (see blackboard)   14.75


OPTION 2    
Two eggs, bacon, roasted fingerling potatoes with garlic and herbs   13.25
French toast with berries and caramel-rum sauce   12.75
Goat cheese and roasted tomato omelet, pine nuts,
Roasted new potatoes with garlic & herbs
Today’s Special (see blackboard)   14.75
Unfortunately no substitutions can be made, thank you !    
Wine list and full bar